Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Review


Releasing February 16th 2010 from the minds of the people over at Koei comes the console port of the PSP’s Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce. Once again the chaotic force known as The Yellow Turbans are in the midst of preparing for an all out war to take control of everything. This time the actions coming to your PS3 and Xbox 360.

Presentation (8.00)

With weapons at hand you can choose between the three different forces known as the Wu, Shu, and Wei as you take on the Yellow Turbans from each allied forces point of view depending on the force you choose. With brisk cutscenes and mild dialogue the storyline is nothing but a mild distraction from the action. The game houses a very big character roster (including some not available on the PSP) with the addition of over 40 extra missions also not available on the PSP. With this stated you will have a long road to travel in order to eliminate the Yellow Turbans as well as any other threats coming your way.

Graphics (7.00)

The graphics really aren’t as impressive when compared to other great titles such as God of War 3 but is still holds it own. Actually the game looks similar to the previously released Dynasty Warriors: 6. Nothing really takes your breath away or make you really ponder in awe as you’re usually ignoring the scenery due to the amount of action on screen.

Gameplay (7.25)

With this game being ported from the PSP I expected great things in the area of add ons. At the start of the game I was really into the it as the new customization system made things a bit more simple to experiment with items obtained later in the story. With the ability to customize and strengthen the vast selections of weapons ultimately the game fails in terms of battling. If any of you have played any of the Dynasty Warriors: Gundam games then you will be better off hanging on to those games as the fighting has been dramatically screwed. The action is so stiff that you can no longer have four endings to a combo that you can execute by pressing square (once,twice or three times) followed by triangle for a different ending (X, once twice or three times followed by Y for Xbox 360). To make things worse the enemies are almost unfazed by your attacks as they can immediately attack you easily sending you flying threw the air. Even the lock on system is bad. There was times where my camera was literally spinning out of my control as I tried to find the right enemy to lock onto added on to the fact that there was cases that the game sometimes stutters because of the number of things happening on screen. The one thing about this game that actually makes me play it is the fact that you can team up with others online from any force to complete any side mission or story mission. It sorta reminds me of White Knight Chronicles in which each person can make a town and upgrade it which your friends can then use as they visit.

Replay Value (8.00)

If you can get past the stiff battling and endlessly spawning enemies then this game would be considered fun to play more as you can continue leveling your characters and collecting new items online and off. The storyline is especially long when you add up each mission from all the three forces. Each force provides their own area that you take place in the missions so it’s not like playing the same mission twice with just another person.However there will come a point where the game gets repetitive as there aren’t many enemy models or changes that will keep things fresh over a long period of time.

Balance (7.25)

Even with the city upgrading system and leveling system for the characters the actual fighting is unbalanced as you will either be caught up in trying to get your character to stiffly move in a certain direction to attack or you will be fluctuated between being too strong or just not strong enough against the small fries.

Price Value (9.00)

With a price tag of $50 the game is actually worth buying than compared to $60 if you’re looking for a mediocre hack and slash. I actually think the game would be best bought for $40, which you could buy at that price used at a local gamestop or other game store. As a precaution for all you 100% trophy perfectionists there are three trophies that you must obtain by playing online. Just like the Dynasty Warriors: Gundam titles dont expect to see much activity online.

Final Score (7.75)

Considering that Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce is a console port from it’s PSP counter part, Strikeforce adds some innovative and creative ideas just to fall short in terms of combat which is of course the main dish of the Dynasty Warriors series. If you play you will undoubtedly have fun but just expect to get frustrated by the combat and camera a lot.

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