Upcoming Spring Games Likely To Damage Your Bank Account

    Now that we are done with the Q1 of our gaming calender your wallets may be taking a breather from the onslaught of awesome titles released across all platforms. We began the year in January with MAG and Mass Effect 2 launches, Heavy Rain and Bioshock 2 followed up in February, and Final Fantasy XIII, God of War 3, and MLB 10 The Show released in March. Spring brings a ton of awesome games as well, each worth your hard earned dollars.

    Super Street Fighter IV (PS3&Xbox360)


    Street Fighter IV’s SUPER remake will debut 4/27/10 featuring a ton of new content that was unreleased in the previous title. Although I usually don’t buy very many remakes dished out by developers, Super Street Fighter IV offers enough content to indulge with the fighter once more. There are 8 more characters from previous Street Fighter games featured in this title along with 2 brand new characters to the series, along with the original 25 characters from SFIV. Additional game modes and character skins ensure you will be playing this title for quite a while. At only $39.99 SSFIV is a steal, especially if you haven’t played the original SFIV.
    Splinter Cell: Conviction (Xbox 360)


    Sam Fisher’s action driven stealth shooter is sure to be a thrilling experience especially when you consider the game’s online Co-Op via Xbox Live. Splinter Cell: Conviction features a Co-Op prequal which is said to last about 6 hours. This Xbox 360 exclusive has received a lot of praise since E3 2009 and is sure to be worth your 60 bucks. Splinter Cell: Conviction Releases 4/13/10.
    Mod Nation Racers (PS3&PSP)


    Mod Nation Racers has to be one of the most exciting titles releasing this season. You can’t go wrong with a classic cart racing game reminiscent of Mario Kart with the creative integrity of Little Big Planet. The beta for Mod Nation Racers on PS3 couldn’t be any more convincing; deep customization, great features, and accessibility means its coming right for Nintendo’s throats. This PlayStation exclusive releases 5/25/10 retailing at $59.99(PS3) and $39.99(PSP).
    Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii)


    The original Super Mario Galaxy featured an extremely polished single player, great platforming, and awesome puzzles. When Super Mario Galaxy 2 was announced my initial impressions was bitter-sweet. But the most recent trailer of the title surprised even the most stubborn of Nintendo fans. Super Mario Galaxy 2 will continue the tradition of heavly polished and fun titles to the Mario franchise. You’ll be able to pick a copy up on 5/23/10 for $49.99.
    Skate 3 (PS3&Xbox 360)


    First off, HELL YEAH! I haven’t played very many skateboarding titles since Activision released a decent Tony Hawk game (A VERY LONG TIME AGO). EA’s Skate franchise always seemed to have the most authentic skateboarding titles although I never got a chance to purchase one. Well this May we shall “kick, push” again. Skate 3 releases 5/13/10 for $59.99.
    Other Games To Checkout
    Lost Planet 2 (PS3&Xbox360) 5/11/10 $59.99
    3D Dot Game Heros (PS3) 5/11/10 $39.99
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